With regards to the Employee Retention Credit (aka Employee Refund, aka Employer Refund, aka CARES Act refund, aka ERC, and more aka’s…), we continue to get questions about eligibility and applying for this program. PLEASE, please do not fall for this. There are a lot of scammers and unscrupulous companies out there advertising, calling, emailing, etc. trying to take advantage of business owners and consumers alike.

For many of you, we have already looked at your eligibility. If we filed for the Employer Retention Credit, then you were eligible, if not, you were not eligible. Individuals are not eligible.

Many companies out there are preparing them regardless of proper eligibility. If you have them file for the credit you will be the one how pays the price. The IO has said they now believe over $200 hundred Billion in Pandemic relief was filed and distributed fraudulently.

Tens of thousands of fraud investigations have been opened up. The IRS has also set up a huge investigation unit. MAKE NO MISTAKE, THEY ARE GOING TO LOOK AT THESE CLAIMS. It may take them a decade. They are even going to Congress requesting the statue to limitations be extended by ten years.