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Looking Towards the Future

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Back in January, we all screamed “Happy New Year!” to our family, friends, and loved ones. We hugged and shared a collective sentiment in hopes the New Year would be happy, or at least, happier or better than the last. 

We all want to be Glass Half Full kind of people, but we can agree we were all ready for a fresh start. There seems to be a lot of negativity out there! With that said, the negativity and craziness of the world can sometimes ground us and clear the way for a new approach.

2024 is upon us and we all have an opportunity to impose positive and forward changes to make our businesses better. You may be thinking “That sounds original” but in all seriousness, let’s drop the negativity and change our perspective to chasing goals & approaching change with a positive attitude!

Here is the plan. Over the next twelve months we are going to put the following plan into action. It has three goals:

1. Improve profitability.

2. Renew Joy and happiness back into work.

3. Create (or recreate) a new vision for the future.

Each month we will send out an email that will focus on a topic that will help in the achieving of one of these three goals. Each of these topics will have tasks and action items to implement into your business.

Topics like:

  • Product cost & Price calculations
  • Industry standard comparisons
  • Budgeting
  • Debt management & elimination
  • Vision beyond the box
  • Identifying time wasters & what to do about them
  • 80/20 rule or 20/80 rule & more!

In performing these monthly tasks, we should build and be better businesses. Each of you will have to make decisions and adjustments that fit your business and industry. Results will vary from business to business but in the end it is my hope that everyone that takes this journey with us will be better off than they were before.

There is no cost to this. You can take this journey with us and follow and incorporate as much of this into your business as you want. 

If you are not already, subscribe to our email list! We will continue to provide insightful and actionable information to bring success to your business and you won’t want to miss out. 


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