Over 25 years of experience
in the sales and use tax profession

We’ve worked with all types and sizes of businesses
to resolve their sales tax problems.

We’ve helped our clients save and recover millions of dollars, and continue to provide guidance and advice to help them avoid future issues & mistakes.

Working out of our offices in New York, we’ve applied our services in all fifty states as well as Canada. Our complete list of services has something to appeal to every business, from the small mom & pop operations to Fortune 500 companies.

Services types

  • Sales Tax Training & Seminars
  • Sales Tax Audit Representation & Advocacy 
  • Sales Tax Refund Studies (Reverse Audits)
  • Multi-State Sales Tax Issues
  • Sales Tax Compliance Reviews
  • Nexus Reviews
  • Sales Tax Matrices
  • Sales Tax Research
  • Asset and Purchase Reviews
  • Exempt Documents & File Documents
  • Voluntary Disclosures
  • Letter Ruling Requests
  • Canadian and Provincial Tax Compliance

Sales Tax Training & Seminars

We regularly conduct sales tax training, seminars and workshops. These workshops are often focused on specific types of businesses or individuals within an organization, in order to present the most specific, relevant, and useful content possible. We can also put together a custom training class specifically for your company and industry either at your office or our training location.

Sales Tax Solutions and Consulting has over 22 years of experience in the sales tax field, and has helped its clients save millions of dollars in audit assessments. In addition, we’ve helped businesses by recovering millions of dollars in overpaid taxes.

Sales Tax Audit Representation & Advocacy 

Under audit? An audit is the State’s way of determining if a taxpayer is paying the correct amount of sales tax. You as the taxpayer have the burden of proof and the State is always assumed to be right in gray areas. That’s why you need an advocate on your side. We will defend you against unfair assumptions, erroneous assessments and state auditors that are too aggressive in their determinations.

Sales Tax Refund Studies (Reverse Audits)

A sales tax refund study is the process of reviewing the business operations to determine when and how the NYS sales tax laws (exemptions) apply to the business’ operations and recover sales tax paid in error on supplies and materials that are used.

Here’s how it works: We conduct a FREE sales tax refund evaluation (Pre-review). We review and analyze your current documents. If no is refund potential found, no further work is done, there’s no cost to you. If refund potential is found, we move on to next step.

Our services then include:

  • Review, analyze, and document your specific business operations.
  • Review, analyze, and identify exemptions and/or credits associated with your operations.
  • Review, document, and compile over-payments.
  • Contact vendors and customers to obtain any missing documentation.
  • Prepare a comprehensive report and refund request from the state.
  • Track and defend any request we make. We don’t get paid until you get your refund!

Multi-State Sales Tax Issues

Before you start working in other states you need to know if there are any tax issues. Not all states tax items or services the same way. NEVER start collecting another state’s taxes before you register with that state. We can help you understand the tax benefits, implications, risks and administration processes of other states before you find yourself caught in a mess you cannot get yourself out of.

Our services will help you:

  • Understand the tax benefits, implications, and risks
  • Guide you through the administration process
  • Help you register with various states

Sales Tax Compliance Reviews

The last place and time you want to realize you are not ready for and audit is during the audit. Our Sales Tax Compliance Review will determine if you are audit ready. We analyze and review your documents and compliance process to determine its strengths and weaknesses. We then make recommendations on how you can repair or correct those weaknesses. We also help you implement what we call Audit Defense Protocols which are a set of processes and procedures that will help you reduce any potential audit liability and risk.

Our Services Include:

  • Review & analyze paperwork, POS & accounting systems, and processes
  • Identify and analyze strengths and weaknesses
  • Provide options to fix weaknesses
  • Implement audit defense protocols (processes & procedures) to reduce audit risk and potential liability.

Learn more about our Sales Tax Compliance Reviews >

Nexus Reviews

No state can impose its taxes on any taxpayer unless they can establish nexus, which literally means, “a connection.” Unfortunately, there are numerous ways to establish nexus and various taxes establish nexus differently.

Questions to Consider

  • Do you have sales reps entering other states?
  • Do you advertise or attend trade shows in other states?
  • Do you have service affiliates in other states?
  • Do you have assets (tangible or intangible) in other states?
  • Do you deliver product in other states with your own trucks?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, you should have a nexus review done ASAP. Another thing to consider – what type of information does your website provide to auditors? Not sure? Contact us.

Sales Tax Matrices

A matrix (or matrices) is a chart most often used when there are multiple options or categories and possible tax outcomes. Matrices are great tools for staff and employees that are not expected to know tax law but need to know how to apply tax to a transaction. A matrix can help simplify a sales or purchase process.

We create matrices for numerous industries and transaction items and can provide support and documentation for each determination.

Sales Tax Research

Got a tax question? Not sure if a specific item should be taxed or not?

If you’re not sure about a question, just ask. We can research any tax issue – in any state or Canada – and not only give you an answer but support to back it up that can be used if you are ever under audit.

Asset and Purchase Reviews

Assets and purchases tell an auditor a lot about a company. What do they say about yours? We conduct a review of your assets and purchases to determine a number of things, such as:

  • Potential tax liabilities or credits
  • Audit defense strengths and weaknesses
  • Inventory strengths and weaknesses
  • Sales trends
  • Train you and your staff on proper procedures to use
  • Help you develop audit-defendable procedures specifically for your business
  • And more…

Contact us to schedule a review

Exempt Documents & File Documents

Having the correct exemption certificate is very important. If you do not have the correct form or if it is not completed properly the state can invalidate it and the sale or purchase becomes taxable. We conduct Exempt document/file reviews that ensure accuracy and protect your exempt status.

Our services can help you

    • Determine weaknesses and/or liabilities
    • Determine proper form usage
    • Instruct and train staff
    • Develop optimum obtaining and retention programs.


Voluntary Disclosures

Voluntary Disclosure Programs are very useful for taxpayers who may have made mistakes and want to correct them but don’t want to be penalized. Programs vary from state to state and from tax type to tax type. We do all the legwork to negotiate the best possible agreement on your behalf, and often before we tell the state who you are so you remain anonymous. Once an agreement is obtained we help you navigate the process to get back on track and in compliance.

Letter Ruling Requests

Got a tax issue that doesn’t fit any existing tax law? Sometimes an Opinion or Letter Ruling form the tax department is the best way to protect yourself. However, if not done correctly you can expose yourself to audit risk and liability. We can either guide you through the process or manage the process for you and eliminate any potential audit risk.

Canadian and Provincial Tax Compliance

We have extensive experience with the Canadian Tax System. We can assist a company that needs or wants to do business in Canada and be compliant with their tax laws, including:

  • GST
  • HST
  • PST
  • RST
  • QST
  • OMG-ST

Canadian companies doing business in the US

Are you a Canadian company that wants to do business in the US and are not sure about our crazy tax system? We have extensive experience with helping Canadian companies do business in the US. We will explain how our system works and what needs to be done. We can guide you and your process or we can manage it for you.